Something Together : CD
  • Something Together : CD

Something Together : CD

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Pre-order Jason & Courtney's NEW acoustic album and get it before it's available at shows!

  1. Judgment Day (J. Eady)

  2. Twisted (C. Patton)

  3. Lonesome Down & Out (J. Eady, C. Patton)

  4. Suffering Fools (J. Eady, A. Hood)

  5. Man on a Mountain (J. Eady, D. Kennedy, J. Grider, M. Powell)

  6. My Favorite Memory (M. Haggard)

  7. The Words To My Favorite Memory (C. Patton, L. Hooper)

  8. Better Move It On Home (R. Griff)

  9. Where I've Been (J. Eady)

  10. So This Is Life (C. Patton)

  11. Cry Pretty (J. Eady)

  12. Twelve Days (C. Patton)

  13. Love Song (J. Eady)

  14. Welcome Table (Traditional)

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